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Since 1959, a story of people, dreams and achievements in the name of service and quality.

Founded in 1959, Julian has gradually established its position of prominence thanks to the tireless efforts of Sabina Zabberoni, who, heir to the founder Giuliano, has transformed the company into a renowned multi-brand reality. Currently, it boasts as many as eight multi-brand boutiques distributed in Emilia-Romagna and the Republic of San Marino, characterized by a sharp and well-defined image that fully reflects the aesthetics and service offered. In addition, the company makes use of a highly relevant and customer centric e-commerce, which enables online sales both nationally and internationally. From its opening in 2014 to the present, e-commerce has grown exponentially. Today, the entire process related to e-commerce is totally internalized: creativity, art direction, shooting, garment description and customer care are all activities that are carried out internally.

In terms of values, since its founding, Julian Fashion has embraced a corporate culture that places great emphasis on quality, carefully selecting the brands and partners with which it collaborates. This commitment is also reflected in the people who are part of the company, which currently has 180 employees, 70 percent of whom are women. In addition, the company is distinguished by its ability to adopt innovative approaches to transcend national borders.

All these activities are carried out with full respect for the needs and expectations of different local cultures, with an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and inclusivenes