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Zanellato is rooted expertise in an exquisitely crafted, with a long family tradition of over 40 years. The passion for work, the strong will to distinguish itself from others and the artisanal experience in world-class tanneries in Vicenza area have incited Zanellato in to reinvent itself and experiment constantly creating unique and refined products. Every creation of Zanellato holds artisanal sprit which represents deeply attention to details and Italianism that talks to women of today. Shop online now!
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  1. ZANELLATO 6134P6C3
  2. ZANELLATO 6134P673
  3. ZANELLATO 6518P618
  4. ZANELLATO 6518P609
  5. ZANELLATO 6518P602
  6. ZANELLATO 6138P6C3
  7. ZANELLATO 6138P618
  8. ZANELLATO 6138P609
  9. ZANELLATO 6134P602
  10. ZANELLATO 'POstina baby daily' handbag
  11. ZANELLATO 'Postina baby daily' handbag
  12. ZANELLATO 'Postina baby daily' handbag
  13. ZANELLATO 'Postina' medium cachemire blandine
  14. ZANELLATO 'Postina' medium cachemire blandine
  15. ZANELLATO 'Postina' small daily
  16. ZANELLATO 'Postina' small daily
  17. ZANELLATO 'Postina' small daily
  18. ZANELLATO 'Postina original silk' leather tote
  19. ZANELLATO 'Nina soft marsiglia' leather tote