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Zanellato, Made in Italy leather company, buries its roots in the handmade expertise for over the 40 years. The profound attention to detail, use of leathers and and precious materials, give life to marvellous creations.
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  1. ZANELLATO 'Duo original silk'
  2. ZANELLATO 'Postina origina silk' medium
  3. ZANELLATO 'postina original silk' medium
  4. ZANELLATO 'Postina cachemire pura'  Medium
  5. ZANELLATO 'Postina cachemire pura' medium
  6. ZANELLATO 'Postina cachemire blandine' medium
  7. ZANELLATO 'Postina cashemire blandine' small
  8. ZANELLATO 'Postina cashemire blandine' small
  9. ZANELLATO 'Postina jones' medium
  10. ZANELLATO 'Postina cachemire pura' small
  11. ZANELLATO 'Nina' small handbag
  12. ZANELLATO Large 'Nina' purse
  13. ZANELLATO 'Nina' baby
  14. ZANELLATO Hand bag with pied de poule prints
  15. ZANELLATO Hand bag with fur
  16. ZANELLATO 'Postina cachemire pura' medium
  17. ZANELLATO Hand bag in calf leather with studs
  18. ZANELLATO 'Postina' Handbag
  19. ZANELLATO Hand Bag in calf leather with studs
  20. ZANELLATO 'Postina cachemire blandine' medium