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Worldwide fashion icon of the Made in Italy, Versace was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978 and continues today to transmit its true traits through the vision of Donatella Versace. The eclecticness of the collections, distinguished by a rich style, old fashioned decorative elements and audacious colors and shapes, which underline the brands mood is dedicated to sexy and glamourous women.
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  1. VERSACE fw 92 archive jacket
  2. VERSACE oversize denim jacket
  3. VERSACE 'new signature' dress
  4. VERSACE 'new signature' shirt
  5. VERSACE 'leopard' shirt
  6. VERSACE gold details shirt
  7. VERSACE 'palme' t-shirt
  8. VERSACE 'barocco' skirt
  9. VERSACE 'barocco' leggings
  10. VERSACE ss 92 archive leggings
  11. VERSACE gold details jeans
  12. VERSACE jellyfish jeans
  13. VERSACE medusa studs boots
  14. VERSACE medusa pumps
  15. VERSACE medusa mini backpack
  16. VERSACE 'icon' crossbody bag
  17. VERSACE 'versace icon crossbody bag
  18. VERSACE 'barocco' jacket