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Strong artistic content, identity and excellence: the collections of UltraChic are recognized thanks to the use of original prints and materials. The brand is loved by fashion addicts, it’s ironic, romantic and always has a touch of rock and offers an ad hoc theme in each season.
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  1. ULTRACHIC Striped glittered lurex  jumpsuit
  2. ULTRACHIC "formule" skirt
  3. ULTRACHIC satin shirt with bow on neck
  4. ULTRACHIC long buttoned coat with 'teacher' embroidery all over
  5. ULTRACHIC cropped lurex wide trousers with all over glittered star printed
  6. ULTRACHIC Long buttoned lurex dress with wide pleated skirt and all over glittered star print
  7. ULTRACHIC wool long damier skirt
  8. ULTRACHIC Satin long sleeves shirt with all over 'Alphabet' print
  9. ULTRACHIC silk long sleeves shirt with buttons closure
  10. ULTRACHIC printed "alphabet" belt
  11. ULTRACHIC crewneck lurex long sleeves striped dress with waist belt and zip closure