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Born as Prada Brothers in 1913 in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The brand became one of the most important in luxury fashion sector. Today Prada managed by the granddaughter of the founder Miuccia Prada that with her approach was capable of revolutionizing the brand and making it one of the most known in the world. Ambassador of the prestigious tradition and Made in Italy culture, in every collection Prada is capable of launching new trends balancing great aesthetic taste and style.
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  1. PRADA Leather biblioteque purse with red central compartment
  2. PRADA 'Cahier' velvet and calf leather  bag
  3. PRADA Calf leather satchel with studs
  4. PRADA Leather 'Cahier' shoulder bag with gold  details
  5. PRADA Pouch 'Cahier' in city calf leather
  6. PRADA Leather "cahier" velvet mini shoulder bag with band in front and buckle
  7. PRADA Leather velvet pouch with gold hardware and and leather belt
  8. PRADA calf leather "cahier" velvet mini shoulder bag with buckle and band in front
  9. PRADA Fur trick bear key ring
  10. PRADA P35M1PMRF0002
  11. PRADA long wool  coat with fur on v neck and cuffs with buttons closure
  12. PRADA wool tartan coat with waist band and fox fur on sleeves
  13. PRADA long checked coat with mutton collar
  14. PRADA Long wool coat with fox fur cuffs
  15. PRADA Long wool coat with fox fur cuffs
  16. PRADA silk pajamas with feathers
  17. PRADA long sleeves velvet dress with 'Mimosa' print
  18. PRADA wool turtle neck 'Altolana' jumper
  19. PRADA sleeveless dress with  all over 'Girl poster' print ,with  fox fur on hem
  20. PRADA Sleeveless top with feathers on hem
  21. PRADA 'poster girl' printed t-shirt with special 'poster girl' packaging
  22. PRADA 'Oma/Amo' printed t-shirt with special packaging
  23. PRADA 'Oma/Amo' printed t-shirt with special packaging
  24. PRADA P190M1PPRF0005
  25. PRADA Longuette skirt with ' Mc Guinnes girl poster' print all over
  26. PRADA wool medium lenght skirt
  27. PRADA Big 'Biblioteque'  leather handbag
  28. PRADA 'Galleria' Saffiano leather bag
  29. PRADA 'Biblioteque' small leather handbag with strap and a grey pocket
  30. PRADA calf leather sac bag with logo
  31. PRADA calf leather gold sac bag with logo
  32. PRADA calf leather satchel with studs
  33. PRADA Fringed sac bag in  calf leather
  34. PRADA Stitched fabric small handbag with emboidery and buckles
  35. PRADA 'Cahier' velvet and leather shoulder bag
  36. PRADA 'Cahier' velvet and leather shoulder bag
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