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Born as Prada Brothers in 1913 in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The brand became one of the most important in luxury fashion sector. Today Prada managed by the granddaughter of the founder Miuccia Prada that with her approach was capable of revolutionizing the brand and making it one of the most known in the world. Ambassador of the prestigious tradition and Made in Italy culture, in every collection Prada is capable of launching new trends balancing great aesthetic taste and style.
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  1. PRADA multipatch dress
  2. PRADA 'ramage' long dress
  3. PRADA mimosa long dress
  4. PRADA feather dress
  5. PRADA 'rabbit libertu' shirt dress
  6. PRADA pleated dress
  7. PRADA pleated dress
  8. PRADA 'peony liberty' shirt
  9. PRADA cigaline silk shirt
  10. PRADA 'scallopped'chemisier dress
  11. PRADA petticoat top with lace
  12. PRADA jacket with waistband
  13. PRADA 'comics alice' vest
  14. PRADA kimono with feathers cuffs
  15. PRADA feathers cardigan
  16. PRADA classic jacket
  17. PRADA 'peony liberty' sweater
  18. PRADA feathers cardigan
  19. PRADA printed sweatshirt
  20. PRADA 'fiona' shirt
  21. PRADA patchwork shirt
  22. PRADA printed shirt
  23. PRADA 'comics collage' shirt
  24. PRADA 'emma' shirt
  25. PRADA oversize shirt
  26. PRADA 'mimosa' shirt
  27. PRADA iris printed shirt
  28. PRADA ruffles shirt
  29. PRADA orgazna collar shirt
  30. PRADA elastic sleeves shirt
  31. PRADA 'peony liberty' blouse
  32. PRADA blouse with Ostrich Feathers cuffs
  33. PRADA 'peony liberty' shirt
  34. PRADA 'comics alice' top boxy fit
  35. PRADA organza and metallic details t-shirt
  36. PRADA printed t-shirt
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