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Off-White is conceived by the idea of the American stylist Virgil Abloh. The parisian brand offers men and women collections with a contemporary and new style. Young, by the sophisticated appeal and capable of uniting streetwear and high fashion, Off-White created a new concept in fashion that varies season to season.
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  1. OFF-WHITE 'Varsity' bomber
  2. OFF-WHITE Wide pants with logo bands on the side
  3. OFF-WHITE 'For Walking' Boots
  4. OFF-WHITE Baggy Sweater with 'WW' prints
  5. OFF-WHITE Camouflage parka with flower prints
  6. OFF-WHITE 'Varsity' bomber jacket
  7. OFF-WHITE baggy jeans with belt
  8. OFF-WHITE Wide Pants
  9. OFF-WHITE Sweater dress with 'WW' patches
  10. OFF-WHITE Sweatshirt with 'Diag Cherry' Embroidery
  11. OFF-WHITE crew neck sweatshirt with 'fire' print on back
  12. OFF-WHITE 'Varsity' Bomber Jacket
  13. OFF-WHITE 'Diag cherry' printed sweater dress
  14. OFF-WHITE 'Cherry flower' printed t-shirt
  15. OFF-WHITE 'World' printed t-shirt
  16. OFF-WHITE 'Cherry Flowers' Iphone 7 Case
  17. OFF-WHITE 'OW' Earrings
  18. OFF-WHITE 'Cherry Flowers' Iphone 7PLUS Case
  19. OFF-WHITE 'Arrow Fire' IPHONE 7PLUS Case
  20. OFF-WHITE XL Tote with 'Sculpture' Print
  21. OFF-WHITE 'Sculpture' Shoulder Bag
  22. OFF-WHITE cotton crew neck sweatshirt dress with 'diag cherry' print
  23. OFF-WHITE Shoulder Bag with Strap Logo
  24. OFF-WHITE 'For Walking' Boots
  25. OFF-WHITE 'Granpa' Coat
  26. OFF-WHITE 'Diag' socks
  27. OFF-WHITE Cropped shirt
  28. OFF-WHITE sweatshirt with sequins and side logo bands
  29. OFF-WHITE 'Galles' coat
  30. OFF-WHITE Long sleeves zipped body
  31. OFF-WHITE Draped asymmetical dress
  32. OFF-WHITE Wide sweatpants with side print
  33. OFF-WHITE Printed hoodie with swarovski