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Marni is a result of an encounter between synergic art and fashion. Founded in 1994, Consuelo Castiglioni was capable to define with precision the image of the brand. True to its DNA the collections are a true work of eclectic art, capable of transforming the look into a personalized unique style.
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  1. MARNI Multicolor tweed coat
  2. MARNI 'Check' zipped hooded oversize bomber jacket
  3. MARNI Multicolor mutton vest with marmot fur insert
  4. MARNI Multicolor hooded waxed jacket
  5. MARNI Pvc hooded jacket with buttons in collaboration with Stutterheim
  6. MARNI Short hooded montgomery jacket
  7. MARNI Merinos reversible mutton coat
  8. MARNI Wool felt double jacket
  9. MARNI Multicolor mink cape with buttons
  10. MARNI Leather jacket with belt
  11. MARNI Denim coat with belt
  12. MARNI Crèpe dress with scarf
  13. MARNI 'Plume' printed all over viscose shirt
  14. MARNI 'Portrait' printed long asymmetrical silk skirt
  15. MARNI Asymmetrical long vest
  16. MARNI Crew-neck zipped dress with ruffles
  17. MARNI Jersey with side splits and headscarf
  18. MARNI 'Pied de poule' crew-neck cardigan
  19. MARNI Oversize cardigan with pink profiles
  20. MARNI Virgin wool jaquard cardigan with button closures
  21. MARNI Turtle-neck polka dots cardigan
  22. MARNI Turtle-neck cardigan with bordeaux profiles
  23. MARNI 3/4 techno twill trousers
  24. MARNI "Plume" printed all over viscose trousers
  25. MARNI 'Yarn dyed' printed trousers. Drop 110
  26. MARNI Three-dimensional 'Sheer' trousers. Drop 110
  27. MARNI Crew-neck oversize sweatshirt
  28. MARNI 'Blob'shirt
  29. MARNI Silk blouse with long sleeves and open ruffled wrists and bow on the back
  30. MARNI Crew-neck jersey with rouge
  31. MARNI 'Portrait' printed long sleeves turtle-neck silk top
  32. MARNI Jaquard asymmetrical all over printed sweater
  33. MARNI Silk printed top
  34. MARNI 1/2 sleeves crew-neck jersey
  35. MARNI Leggings with bracket
  36. MARNI Wool trousers with drawstring
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