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Leader and founder of the famous Jeanne Lanvin, whom opened her first boutique in the french capital in 1889 soon becoming a French icon. The items of the brand are unique and easily recognizable, thanks to the refined style and use of prestigious materials, both in line with the story of the brand.
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  1. LANVIN ruffles long dress
  2. LANVIN coulisse long dress
  3. LANVIN pleated long dress
  4. LANVIN coulisse long dress
  5. LANVIN lace cardigan
  6. LANVIN draped top
  7. LANVIN draped top
  8. LANVIN ruffles top
  9. LANVIN lace hem skirt
  10. LANVIN sides buttons pants
  11. LANVIN flower necklace
  12. LANVIN lace pants
  13. LANVIN lace collar shirt
  14. LANVIN coulisse dress