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Born in Japan in 1939, Takada - the name behind the Kenzo label - moved to Paris in 1964, beginning his fashion career. After he worked for many department stores and textile firms, in 1970, he finally opened his first boutique. Famous for the colours and eclectic style of his clothes, Kenzo was one of the first labels to bring 'ethnic-chic' to the street. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are the label’s current Creative Directors. And with them the original Kenzo potency's become even more original and surreal!Shop online now!
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  1. KENZO F758EW640PFH32
  2. KENZO F752TO0105AC99
  3. KENZO F752SA606L2399
  4. KENZO F752SA606L1932
  5. KENZO F752ES180F5367
  6. KENZO F752CH12752001
  7. KENZO F752TO70495294
  8. KENZO F752RO77699099
  9. KENZO F662SA109L2576
  10. KENZO glitter espadrilles
  11. KENZO Logoed socks
  12. KENZO Logoed polo
  13. KENZO 'Visage' printed skirt
  14. KENZO 'Tiger' logoed headscarf
  15. KENZO 'Tiger' logoed headscarf
  16. KENZO 'KENZO' logoed tshirt
  17. KENZO 'KENZO' logoed tshirt
  18. KENZO Cotton cardigan
  19. KENZO Lurex oversize sweater
  20. KENZO 'Eyelet' sweatshirt
  21. KENZO 'Eyes' printed cardigan
  22. KENZO 'Tiger' platform slip on
  23. KENZO 'Tiger' shopping bag
  24. KENZO 'Kenzo kombo' tote bag
  25. KENZO 'Tiger' neoprene backpack
  26. KENZO 'Tiger' neoprene backpack
  27. KENZO 'Kenzo' skate dress
  28. KENZO 'Visage' printed dress
  29. KENZO Denim logoed dress
  30. KENZO 'Tiger' oversized tshirt dress
  31. KENZO 'Flying' decorated pochette
  32. KENZO 'Flying' iridescent pochette
  33. KENZO Logoed zipped trousse
  34. KENZO 'Kombo' A5 clutch
  35. KENZO 'Kenzo' stretchy jeans
  36. KENZO Glitter espadrillas
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