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Famous for colors and eclectic style of its clothing, Kenzo praises the artistic duo formed by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim in the quality of creative directors, that define the brand ‘a lifestyle’. Kenzo has always mixed East and West as ambassadors of a multi ethnic chic style. The collections are distinguished by prints and colors of urban derivations that marry with a New York street style.
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  1. KENZO 'Tiger' embroidered crew-neck wool cardigan
  2. KENZO Logo and planet printed t-shirt
  3. KENZO Logo inlaid cardigan
  4. KENZO Crew-neck cardigan with multicolor fantasy
  5. KENZO Crew-neck embroidered sweatshirt
  6. KENZO Printed sweatshirt
  7. KENZO 'Tiger' embroidered crew-neck sweatshirt
  8. KENZO 'Tiger' embroidered crew-neck sweatshirt
  9. KENZO 'Tiger' embroidered crew-neck cardigan
  10. KENZO Denim jacket with front and back patches
  11. KENZO V-neck logo printed on the back top
  12. KENZO 'Antonio girls' printed mini leather shoulder bag with 'Kenzo' patch
  13. KENZO F752TO68486077
  14. KENZO F751SW85895101
  15. KENZO F751BL73395133
  16. KENZO F751ES182L8301
  17. KENZO F752SL424F6599
  18. KENZO Shirt dress with belt
  19. KENZO High waist printed denim skirt with lace in the waist
  20. KENZO 'Precious eye earrings' sterling silver earrings. 5,75 GR
  21. KENZO 'Precious eye earrings' gold pleated earrings. 5,07 GR
  22. KENZO 'Precious eye necklace' sterling silver necklace. 6,31 GR
  23. KENZO 'Precious eye necklace' gold pleated necklace. 5,25 GR
  24. KENZO 'Precious eye bracelet' sterling silver bracelet. 3,90 GR
  25. KENZO 'Precious eye ring' sterling silver ring. 5,30 GR
  26. KENZO 'Precious eye ring' gold pleated ring. 4,75 GR
  27. KENZO 'Sand symbol' gold pleated pack of 3 rings. 4,79 GR
  28. KENZO 'Mini eye' sterling silver earrings. 1,83 GR
  29. KENZO 'Mini eye' gold pleated earrings. 1,59 GR
  30. KENZO 'Mini eye' sterling silver and ruthenium necklace. 3,41 GR
  31. KENZO 'Mini eye' sterling silver necklace. 3,41 GR
  32. KENZO 'Mini eye' gold pleated necklace: 3,00 GR
  33. KENZO 'Mini eye' sterling silver and ruthenium bracelet. 2,57 GR
  34. KENZO 'Mini eye' sterling silver bracelet. 2,57 GR
  35. KENZO 'Mini eye' gold pleated bracelet. 2,22 GR
  36. KENZO 'Mini eye' sterling silver ring. 2,74 GR
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