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Founded in 2008 by the Northern Irish Jonathan Anderson, the brand is considered one of the most innovative and progressive of Britain. The collections are mix of genius and rigor, of urban chic style and focuses on geometric and extraordinary materials.
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  1. J.W.ANDERSON logo pockets denim jacket
  2. J.W.ANDERSON logo sweatshirt
  3. J.W.ANDERSON logo sweatshirt
  4. J.W.ANDERSON logo sweatshirt
  5. J.W.ANDERSON 'single knot' t-shirt
  6. J.W.ANDERSON 'single knot' t-shirt
  7. J.W.ANDERSON bow sleeve t-shirt
  8. J.W.ANDERSON 'single knot' t-shirt
  9. J.W.ANDERSON patchwork skirt
  10. J.W.ANDERSON mini skirt with leather pocket
  11. J.W.ANDERSON logo pockets shorts
  12. J.W.ANDERSON 'pierce' mini backpack
  13. J.W.ANDERSON 'pierce' mini crossbody bag
  14. J.W.ANDERSON 'pierce' midi crossbody bag
  15. J.W.ANDERSON 'pierce' mini crossbody bag
  16. J.W.ANDERSON pierce' midi shoulder bag
  17. J.W.ANDERSON 'pierce' midi crossbody bag
  18. J.W.ANDERSON 'pierce' shoulder bag