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The American brand J Brand was founded by Jeff Rudes in 2004 with the idea to create and launch a model of the perfect pair of jeans, created with the best materials interpreting the trends. The brand soon became a symbol of denim fashion in the whole world loved by the stars like Kate Moss and by the fashion editor Anna Wintour, director at Vogue.
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  1. J BRAND Leather mid rise jeans with 5 pockets
  2. J BRAND Midrise leather skinny jeans with 5 pockets
  3. J BRAND 'Maude' mid rise leather cigarette leggins
  4. J BRAND Leather midrise skinny pants
  5. J BRAND 'Natasha' high waist leather skirt with belt and back slit
  6. J BRAND Cut edge low rise jeans
  7. J BRAND 'Selena' jeans
  8. J BRAND jeans from J Brand: "selena" mid crop bootcut jeans
  9. J BRAND ' Capri' jeans
  10. J BRAND Cotton 'Selena' midrise ankle length flare jeans
  11. J BRAND 'Alana' high rise cropped skinny denim with  split
  12. J BRAND 'Zion' denim mid rise jeans with buttons on the side
  13. J BRAND Cotton mid rise stretchy skinny jeans
  14. J BRAND 'Maria' high rise skinny leg jeans
  15. J BRAND 'Zion' medium waist skinny denim
  16. J BRAND elephant paw jeans
  17. J BRAND Skinny high waist jeans
  18. J BRAND 'sneakers flare' mid rise jeans
  19. J BRAND 'Amelia' mid-rise jeans
  20. J BRAND 'Selena' mid rais cropped bootcut jeans
  21. J BRAND 'Lisa mid rise coulotte' jeans