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Brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton had their own music production company and rock group in New York City before they set up IRO in 2004. The designers like to bring elements from their musical background into their Minimalistic fashion, which can be described as “French chic meets New York street style”. The designers’ main source of inspiration is regular girls and women who are constantly on the lookout for new trends and enjoy experimenting with fashion in a unique way.
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  1. IRO 'curtiba' belt
  2. IRO 'baia' belt
  3. IRO 'nobila' dress
  4. IRO 'karossi' long dress
  5. IRO 'karossi' long dress
  6. IRO 'davov' dress
  7. IRO 'dafoa' dress
  8. IRO 'nobles' mini skirt
  9. IRO 'diro' t-shirt
  10. IRO 'erila' blouse
  11. IRO 'enes' mini dress
  12. IRO 'dween' top
  13. IRO 'dween' top
  14. IRO 'sinal' cardigan
  15. IRO 'gnotta' sweater
  16. IRO 'ashville' biker jackets
  17. IRO 'ashville' biker jackets
  18. IRO 'anil' biker jackets
  19. IRO 'quanto' jacket