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In 1948 Mr. Giuseppe Marenzi founded Herno and started producing men raincoats with the technical support and cooperation of Alessandra Diana, his wife. The company also develops early collections of raincoats for women and subsequently expanded its range to cashmere coats. Since the 70s the women's collection is completed with the construction of jackets, suits and dresses. Products now carrying the Herno label are dedicated to upper-class women in love with fashion! Shop online now!
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  1. HERNO PI0623D120177100
  2. HERNO 3/4 sleeves down jacket
  3. HERNO 3/4 sleeves goose down
  4. HERNO Paillettes 3/4 sleeves goose down
  5. HERNO Paillettes 3/4 sleeves goose down
  6. HERNO Paillettes 3/4 sleeves goose down
  7. HERNO Reversible jacket with 3/4 sleeves
  8. HERNO 3/4 sleeves reversible jacket
  9. HERNO 3/4 sleeves jacket
  10. HERNO 3/4 sleeves jacket
  11. HERNO Sleeveless long jacket
  12. HERNO Sleeveless zipped jacket
  13. HERNO Sleeveless zipped jacket
  14. HERNO Sleeveless zipped jacket