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Herno has always been specialized in the production of refined outerwear, among which rain, trench, winter, and cashmere coats excel. A symbol of history and tradition completely made in Italy. The creations of this brand are dedicated to elegant and glamourous women.
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  1. HERNO removable hood vest
  2. HERNO removable hood vest
  3. HERNO removable hood vest
  4. HERNO asymmetrical vest
  5. HERNO asymmetrical vest
  6. HERNO nylon inserts hoodie
  7. HERNO regular fit vest
  8. HERNO regular fit vest
  9. HERNO gros grain details vest
  10. HERNO gros grain details vest
  11. HERNO gros grain details down jacket
  12. HERNO bouclè jacket
  13. HERNO bouclè jacket
  14. HERNO bouclè jacket