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The grand story of Givenchy loved by the XX century stars is rich with tradition and personality. Since 2005 to date the amazing creations have had the signature of the talented Riccardo Tisci, that passes the baton for next season to Claire Waight Keller. From the gowns by sinuous lines and strong femininity, to the street style and glamorous accessories, the label continues to excite with great gusto and sensibility.
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  1. GIVENCHY pearls and crystals bomber jackets
  2. GIVENCHY logo bomber jacket
  3. GIVENCHY back logo denim jacket
  4. GIVENCHY logo sweatshirt
  5. GIVENCHY all over stars k-way
  6. GIVENCHY tailleur pants
  7. GIVENCHY pearls cardigan
  8. GIVENCHY pearls cardigan
  9. GIVENCHY pearls sweater
  10. GIVENCHY pearls sweater
  11. GIVENCHY pearls sweater
  12. GIVENCHY all over stars dress
  13. GIVENCHY rouge dress
  14. GIVENCHY applicated stars polo dress
  15. GIVENCHY logo sweatshirt
  16. GIVENCHY logo sweater
  17. GIVENCHY mirror stars sweatshirt
  18. GIVENCHY tailleur jacket
  19. GIVENCHY lace details shirt
  20. GIVENCHY ruffles shirt
  21. GIVENCHY mirror stars t-shirt
  22. GIVENCHY lace details top
  23. GIVENCHY lateral logo sweatpants
  24. GIVENCHY logo jeans
  25. GIVENCHY mirror logo bermuda
  26. GIVENCHY 'antigona' tote
  27. GIVENCHY 'antigona' tote
  28. GIVENCHY BB05118012001
  29. GIVENCHY 'antigona' hand bag
  30. GIVENCHY 'Antigona' handbag
  31. GIVENCHY 'Antigona' mini handbag
  32. GIVENCHY Borsa a mano 'Antigona' mini
  33. GIVENCHY 'Antigona' mini handbag
  34. GIVENCHY 'Antigona' mini handbag
  35. GIVENCHY 'Antigona' mini handbag
  36. GIVENCHY BB05114012001
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