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The fashion house of Fendi has boasted since 1925 of the Made in Italy all around the world and is a leader of International fashion. The distinctive characteristics of the brand, which today are an integral part of its value, are directly conceived its legacy and history. Quality and excellence of furs and leathers, luxury and perfection in the manufacturing, creativity and craft in the name.
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  1. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  2. FENDI "Ken I" shoulder bag
  3. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  4. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  5. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  6. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  7. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  8. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  9. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  10. FENDI 'Runaway' Hand Bag
  11. FENDI 'Runaway' Hand Bag
  12. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  13. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  14. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  15. FENDI 'Dot.Com' Click Hand Bag
  16. FENDI 'Dot.Com' Hand Bag
  17. FENDI 'Ken I' Hand Bag
  18. FENDI 'Kan I' Hand Bag
  19. FENDI '3Jours' mini leather hand bag with strap and flower studs
  20. FENDI '3Jours' mini leather handbag with strap, orange studs and contrast light blue edges
  21. FENDI '3Jours' mini leather handbag with strap and multicolor edges and pom pom
  22. FENDI "By The Way" hand bag with shoulder strap and pom pom multicolor in the front
  23. FENDI 'By the way' orange studded leather bag
  24. FENDI 'By the way' leather handbag
  25. FENDI 'By the way' mini leather bag with multicolor flower applications
  26. FENDI 'Dot.Com'  mini leather handbag
  27. FENDI 'Ananas' Bag Charm
  28. FENDI 'Ananas' Bag Charm
  29. FENDI 'Bag Bugs Mother' Bag Charm
  30. FENDI Bag Charm with Long Hairs and Flowers Eyes
  31. FENDI Multicolor striped fox fur pom pom keyring
  32. FENDI Shoulder Strap with Logo
  33. FENDI Shoulder Strap with Logo and Flowers
  34. FENDI Velvet shoulder strap with Logo and Flower
  35. FENDI Multicolor shoulder strap with silver studs
  36. FENDI leather strap with flowers
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