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If everybody loves, or at least knows, Fendi, the reason is that the brand has a very strong identity. Everything is based on the brand heritage. They sell their story. The writing “ROME” under the Fendi logo brings us inside a set with a specific mood and a history: only one word but many connections. Fendi is the Rome’s brand, just the fact that it is one of the few Italian fashion names that didn’t born in Milan gives to it an original, independent and personal character. What marks the brand from the beginning is the quality they propose, the craftmanship that was the starting point and its style: innovative, intellectual, elegant and exclusive. The research of materials, the use of fur, the study on shapes and contrasts are fixed bases on which they develop different topics. We will always love Fendi’s collections! Discover the collection now!
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  1. FENDI 'Carlito' leggings
  2. FENDI pom pom keyring in fox fur
  3. FENDI Sandals with embroidery, flower print and bow
  4. FENDI Kaftkan in flower print
  5. FENDI Long Dress with waist belt
  6. FENDI Crepe de chine trousers with tight ankles
  7. FENDI Cotton dress/shirt with buttons
  8. FENDI Strechy ankle boots
  9. FENDI Clutch with San Valentines accent
  10. FENDI Micro baguette in leather and fur
  11. FENDI Micro baguette in leather and fur
  12. FENDI Silk shorts with bow on the side
  13. FENDI By the way large purse with Studs
  14. FENDI 'By the way' small purse with contrasting colors
  15. FENDI 'cross over' flat sandals
  16. FENDI Ankle sock style sneakers
  17. FENDI Micro crossbody with fendi face
  18. FENDI Gold bracelet with stone
  19. FENDI 'Flowers' printed bikini
  20. FENDI Silk shirt open on the back
  21. FENDI Silk shirt open on the back
  22. FENDI Baguette denim purse
  23. FENDI Baguette waves saint valentine purse
  24. FENDI Micro Baguette in leather and fur fendi monster
  25. FENDI Micro baguette in leather and fur
  26. FENDI Portafogli zip fendi faces
  27. FENDI Dotcom mini purse
  28. FENDI Dotcom small purse
  29. FENDI Dotcom click small
  30. FENDI Dotcom click small
  31. FENDI Dotcom clik small
  32. FENDI Shopping tote with face studs
  33. FENDI Mini 3Jours purse with embellishments
  34. FENDI 3Jours large purse with studs
  35. FENDI 2 jours mini denim purse with studs
  36. FENDI Mini 2jours purse with studs
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