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The Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten create there own brand in Milano in 1994 giving life to what will become a true legend in the fashion world. The collections of Dsquared2 have an International and alternative soul, full of energy and irony, who venture out guaranteeing the Made in Italy attention detail requisites.
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  1. DSQUARED2 Long wool coat with buttons closure
  2. DSQUARED2 wool oversize dress with embroidery
  3. DSQUARED2 wool oversize pullover with embroidey
  4. DSQUARED2 wool turtleneck pullover with flounces on shoulder and on hem
  5. DSQUARED2 oversize printed sweatshirt
  6. DSQUARED2 Destroyed denim jeans with 5 pockets
  7. DSQUARED2 classic cotton trousers
  8. DSQUARED2 'Canada' printed t-shirt regular fit
  9. DSQUARED2 'Tattoo' printed t-shirt
  10. DSQUARED2 'mountain life' printed cotton t-shirt
  11. DSQUARED2 pinstriped wool mini dress  with buttons closure and waist belt
  12. DSQUARED2 'flag' print logoed chain clutch
  13. DSQUARED2 'flag' print chained clutch
  14. DSQUARED2 S73LA0206S30309470
  15. DSQUARED2 S75LA0832S30144970
  16. DSQUARED2 'Tom boy' printed jeans
  17. DSQUARED2 Medium waist jeans
  18. DSQUARED2 'Cool girl' jeans
  19. DSQUARED2 Printed on the back jogging pants
  20. DSQUARED2 S75MA0505S30144970
  21. DSQUARED2 Leggings
  22. DSQUARED2 S73DL0241S47809001F
  23. DSQUARED2 Patch short sleeves shirt
  24. DSQUARED2 S72GC0979S21600100
  25. DSQUARED2 S75FB0059S30144970
  26. DSQUARED2 Jacket with gold buttons
  27. DSQUARED2 S73CU0224S36275100
  28. DSQUARED2 Short sleeves dress with gold buttons
  29. DSQUARED2 Casual dress
  30. DSQUARED2 Casual dress
  31. DSQUARED2 S17L201172M068
  32. DSQUARED2 Sneakers with logo plate
  33. DSQUARED2 Denim Platform Ziggy Sandals
  35. DSQUARED2 Leather Purse with crossbody strap and embellishments
  36. DSQUARED2 Leather ankle boot with open toe and snap closure
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