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The famous house of Balenciaga was founded in late 1918 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, the designer that produced one of the greatest contributions to the history of fashion displaying the woman's silhouette thinking completely outside the box. Astonishing and innovative, the brand followed the same footsteps throughout the years, going from the creativeness of the Spanish Nicolas Ghesquiére to Alexander Wang capable of reinterpreting the characteristics of the brand in a contemporary and experimental way. Now the maison is directed by the creativity of Demma Gyasalia, creative Director that since 2015 has marked many achievements thanks to its originality.
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  1. BALENCIAGA check inserts denim jacket
  2. BALENCIAGA logo leather jacket
  3. BALENCIAGA 'twisted' dress
  4. BALENCIAGA oversize sweater
  5. BALENCIAGA 'the new balenciaga logo' t-shirt
  6. BALENCIAGA 'newspaper' shirt
  7. BALENCIAGA tag logo shirt
  8. BALENCIAGA back logo tag shirt
  9. BALENCIAGA embroidered monogramme shorts
  10. BALENCIAGA double split skirt
  11. BALENCIAGA 'pulled feminine coat' trench coats
  12. BALENCIAGA cross neck long dress
  13. BALENCIAGA 'croslite' sandals
  14. BALENCIAGA 'bb' pumps
  15. BALENCIAGA 'political capaign' pumps
  16. BALENCIAGA 'Ceinture' ankle boots
  17. BALENCIAGA 'Ceinture' ankle boots
  18. BALENCIAGA logo espadrillas
  19. BALENCIAGA 'knife' slingback
  20. BALENCIAGA logo slides
  21. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  22. BALENCIAGA 'city' hand bag
  23. BALENCIAGA 'city classic' hand bag
  24. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  25. BALENCIAGA 'city classic' hand bag
  26. BALENCIAGA 'Classic city arena s' hand bag
  27. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  28. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  29. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  30. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  31. BALENCIAGA 'city classic' hand bag
  32. BALENCIAGA 'city classic' hand bag
  33. BALENCIAGA 'classic city' hand bag
  34. BALENCIAGA 'bazar' clutch
  35. BALENCIAGA 'ville top handle' hand bag
  36. BALENCIAGA 'chain triangle' crossbody bag
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