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Born in California with headquarters in New York, the brand ALyx is known for his lines and unique shapes, that play with the use of fabrics and urban materials. Leather, buckles and belts are the pivotal points of the brand that have created its strong identity.
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  1. ALYX 'moto' jacket
  2. ALYX rings denim jacket
  3. ALYX metal wire dress
  4. ALYX metallic lace t-shirt
  5. ALYX etal wire skirt
  6. ALYX back zip jeans
  7. ALYX buckle pants
  8. ALYX destroyed jeans
  9. ALYX 'gibson' lace up shoes
  10. ALYX 'big jaquard' belt
  11. ALYX 'big jaquard' belt
  12. ALYX 'big plan' belt
  13. ALYX 'cuff mini' bracelet
  14. ALYX 'cuff mini' bracelet
  15. ALYX buckle keyring