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Timeless elegance, seasonless and effortless; this is the signature style of the Agnona Woman. A woman drawn to an ideal of perfection embodied in geometric yet sinuous lines and the precious materials, almost rare, that have always characterized the Agnona collections. Exclusive garments, like the experience of trying and buying them... Discover the collection!
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  1. AGNONA shade printed scarve
  2. AGNONA shade printed scarve
  3. AGNONA Pleated maxi dress
  4. AGNONA Silk pleated skirt
  5. AGNONA V-neck cardigan with lace on the back
  6. AGNONA AMM93AM802290
  7. AGNONA Jumpsuit
  8. AGNONA UF2037901OYP03
  9. AGNONA Silk skirt
  10. AGNONA V-neck cardigan with lace on the back
  11. AGNONA AMM91AM802R37
  12. AGNONA AMM91AM802N04
  13. AGNONA Cappa in lana
  14. AGNONA Stivale in pelle con tacco
  15. AGNONA Wool cape with fur fringes
  16. AGNONA V neck maxi pullover
  17. AGNONA Silk and wool mini dress