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Exclusive, sinuous and elegant clothing characterized by geometric lines and precious materials. These essential elements that characterize since forever the Agnona collection, dedicated to a feminine and chic audience.
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  1. AGNONA cashmere coat
  2. AGNONA belt cardigan
  3. AGNONA reversible coat
  4. AGNONA lurex dress
  5. AGNONA cashemere sweater
  6. AGNONA cashemere sweater
  7. AGNONA cashemere sweater
  8. AGNONA cashemere sweater
  9. AGNONA ìcashmere sweater
  10. AGNONA mink fur sweater
  11. AGNONA pences pants
  12. AGNONA sides bands sweatpants
  13. AGNONA armpits cut out sweater
  14. AGNONA cardigan with belt
  15. AGNONA cardigan with belt
  16. AGNONA piping cape
  17. AGNONA cardigan with pockets
  18. AGNONA multiocolor dress
  19. AGNONA bands dress
  20. AGNONA printed palms dress
  21. AGNONA color block long dress
  22. AGNONA color block long dress
  23. AGNONA long dress
  24. AGNONA APF20A0005V06
  25. AGNONA oversize shirt
  26. AGNONA APV90A0834R22
  27. AGNONA sweater with frontal pocket
  28. AGNONA APG60A0103N00
  29. AGNONA waistband jacket
  30. AGNONA UJ116T258OYN00
  31. AGNONA printed palms pants
  32. AGNONA multicolor belt
  33. AGNONA cashmere coat