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Born in Florence in 1921 the maison has always been one of the majorly esteemed luxury brands at an International level until becoming, thanks to the talent of Alessandro Michele, the creator of the XXI century fashion revolution. Precious embroideries, eclectic prints and loud colors: the creations of Gucci represent the height of Italian handmade and creativity.
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  1. GUCCI Calf leather 'New Ace' sneaker
  2. GUCCI Brixtol lamb leather loafer with gold details
  3. GUCCI 'Kings'  sabot with fur and chain
  4. GUCCI Wool  beanie with multicolor stripes and tiger
  5. GUCCI 'Charui'  beanie
  6. GUCCI 'Charui'  beanie
  7. GUCCI Tiger printed baseball cap
  8. GUCCI 461188X7A175528
  9. GUCCI 'GG' shoulder bag with 'Tian' print and strap
  10. GUCCI 'Princetown' leather sabot slipper with tiger and heart patch
  11. GUCCI 'GG' shopping bag with tiger embroidery and strap
  12. GUCCI Leather braided belt
  13. GUCCI Shoulder bag with 'web' band
  14. GUCCI 'Garden' printed t-shirt
  15. GUCCI 'Tiger and bee' printed silk scarf
  16. GUCCI 'TYE DYE CLORINE' denim jeans
  17. GUCCI 'GG supreme' shopping bag with web strap
  18. GUCCI 'Driver' leather slippers with web detail
  19. GUCCI Tiger printed nylon jacket
  20. GUCCI 'GG ghost' scarf with stars print
  21. GUCCI 'Major' high leather sneaker with 'blind for love' embroidery
  22. GUCCI 'Gucci Bengal' printed silk scarf
  23. GUCCI 'Birds of pray' printed sweatshirt
  24. GUCCI Trench with embroidery on the back
  25. GUCCI 'Punk pant 5pkt' denim jeans
  26. GUCCI 'Glamour' silk tie
  27. GUCCI 'Glamour' silk tie
  28. GUCCI 'Loop' polka dot tie
  29. GUCCI Cintura in pelle
  30. GUCCI Cintura in pelle fibbia argento