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Loved by some of the most iconic stars of the 20th Century - from Grace Kelly to his most famous muse Audrey Hepburn - Givenchy's name and legacy have been synonymous with Parisian chic for more than 50 years. Riccardo Tisci is the creative director of the label since 2005. He has made the label his own, adding melancholic elements, often Gothic, and sometimes fetish. Shop online now!
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  1. GIVENCHY BJ05764385960
  2. GIVENCHY Printed t-shirt
  3. GIVENCHY Classic jacket with waist zip
  4. GIVENCHY soft shoe with elastic band
  5. GIVENCHY leather espadrilles with front-star print
  6. GIVENCHY leather slip-on with star print
  7. GIVENCHY Printed polo
  8. GIVENCHY 'Star' printed iphone 7 case
  9. GIVENCHY 'Real eyes' quotes print leather clutch
  10. GIVENCHY 'dollar print' wallet
  11. GIVENCHY 'Dollar print' cardholder
  12. GIVENCHY 'nightingale' leather star printed tote bag
  13. GIVENCHY Printed zipped jacket
  14. GIVENCHY Zipped printed jacket
  15. GIVENCHY Bermuda with zipped pocket
  16. GIVENCHY Denim jacket with details on the sleeves
  17. GIVENCHY Silk hooded zipped jacket
  18. GIVENCHY 'nightingale' leather tote bag
  19. GIVENCHY 'Dollar' print coated canvas wallet
  20. GIVENCHY Hooded zipped nylon jacket
  21. GIVENCHY Medium denim jeans with bow on the back
  22. GIVENCHY Camouflage printed bermuda
  23. GIVENCHY Squares printed shirt with zip
  24. GIVENCHY 'Judas' printed t-shirt
  25. GIVENCHY 'Judas' printed t-shirt
  26. GIVENCHY 'Judas' printed sweatshirt
  27. GIVENCHY 'Judas' printed sweatshirt
  28. GIVENCHY 'Judas' printed t-shirt
  29. GIVENCHY 'Judas' printed t-shirt
  30. GIVENCHY logo printed handlebag with shoulder
  31. GIVENCHY printed backpack
  32. GIVENCHY leather small handbag with star print
  33. GIVENCHY Checked print  zipped calf leather pouch
  34. GIVENCHY 'strap' keyring
  35. GIVENCHY 'strap' keyring
  36. GIVENCHY 'Rottweiler' leather keyring
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