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The fashion house Balmain was founded in 1945 by the stylist Pierre Balmain, the couture famous for its certainty that fashion was the architecture of movement and that the gown had to be “constructed”. The atelier soon became one of the most known for sophistication and elegance, becoming the leader in french and international fashion. The maison today lead by Olivier Rousteing that knew how to interpret that brands style mixing in his latest collections moderness, tradition and sex appeal.
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  1. BALMAIN double-breasted long coat with gold buttons and belt
  2. BALMAIN camouflage padded jacket with detachable hood
  3. BALMAIN 'Balmain' logo printed t-shirt
  4. BALMAIN 'Panthere 'printed t-shirt
  5. BALMAIN 3 t-shirt pack ,grey,black,white with destoyed neckline
  6. BALMAIN slim denim  with zipped  pockets
  7. BALMAIN tranksuit pants with insert on knee
  8. BALMAIN cotton tracksuite with zip
  9. BALMAIN camouflage destroyed slim jeans
  10. BALMAIN biker stretch denim
  11. BALMAIN cotton tracksuit pants with zip on ankle
  12. BALMAIN biker stretch denim
  13. BALMAIN Biker stretch brut denim
  14. BALMAIN Biker stretch brut denim
  15. BALMAIN wool crew-neck sweater with buttons on shoulder
  16. BALMAIN cotton 6 buttons jacket
  17. BALMAIN Cotton crew-neck sweatshirt patch collection
  18. BALMAIN long sleeves t-shirt  with B embroidery on chest
  19. BALMAIN silk jacket with gold button and waist belt
  20. BALMAIN cotton crew neck t-shirt with 'tigre' print
  21. BALMAIN cotton crew neck t-shirt with 'tigre' print
  22. BALMAIN crew neck cotton sweatshirt with 'panthere' print and side zip
  23. BALMAIN suede leather biker jacket
  24. BALMAIN roundneck sweater with laminated buttons shoulder
  25. BALMAIN zipped hoodie with "tiger" print back
  26. BALMAIN leather biker jacket with studs all over