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The brand 10sei0otto is born by the synergy between professional experts in leather and an extravagant creativeness that together design jackets, outerwear and clothing with a worn look. The collections express the concept of primitive style: clothing purely genuine, displaying elegance. The strong asymmetricity accentuates the fabric used capable of adapting to anything.
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  1. 10SEI0OTTO revers leather jacket
  2. 10SEI0OTTO long fit t-shirt
  3. 10SEI0OTTO long fit t-shirt
  4. 10SEI0OTTO long fit t-shirt
  5. 10SEI0OTTO denim effect pants
  6. 10SEI0OTTO low crotch bermuda
  7. 10SEI0OTTO 'chaplin' combact boots
  8. 10SEI0OTTO leather parka jacket
  9. 10SEI0OTTO leather details sweater
  10. 10SEI0OTTO classic coat
  11. 10SEI0OTTO destroyed pants
  12. 10SEI0OTTO leather parka