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Julian Fashion has close to the heart the theme of environment and sustainability. That’s why Julian Fashion gives its contribution with an eco-sustainable shopping experience. Discover our dedicated section and join us to support a sustainable future!
Julian Fashion setzt sein Engagement für Nachhaltigkeit für 2021 fort. Dank der Zusammenarbeit mit Treedom wird das Unternehmen einen Waldbaum in Kenia anpflanzen, um die CO2-Emissionen auszugleichen und die lokalen Gemeinschaften zu unterstützen.
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Since 2001, Julian Fashion has included the first sustainable brand among its product range, so starting to offer its audience a variety of eco-friendly brands. All the brands and products selected and added to the Sustainable category meet precise features. Discover them with us:

  • Organic fabrics: fabrics deriving from natural fibres and from organic cultivations.
  • Recycled materials: materials continuing their life cycle, being them biological or synthetic.
  • Women Empowerment: brands supporting women or entirely produced by women.
  • Considered supply chain: complete traceability of materials employed in the various processes.
  • Vegan & cruelty free: products not including materials of animal origins in the respect of cruelty free ethics
For years the company has been giving a charitable contribution to support associations operating locally in several fields, with the aim of supporting them to create projects of structure improvement, regarding both situations and environments, essential to enhance the well-being and the relationships of individuals and animals.
Julian Fashion firmly believes in women empowerment. The company has always supported the importance of women impact on society, so it is characterized by an important female majority: the percentage of women employees is around the 70%..