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VIVETTA is an Italian contemporary brand established in 2009 by fashion designer Vivetta Ponti. Its clothing exudes light-hearted frivolity, while also embodying an air of assertive femininity. The brand finds inspiration in many sources: poetry, dolls, antiques, fifties furniture, and sixties and seventies tapestries, to name but a few. These nostalgic elements are fused with hyper contemporary silhouettes and bon-ton patterns. Clean lines contrast with unexpected details; surreal corporeal presences that add a splash of Vivetta characteristic flair to each design. In Vivetta, a multifarious universe comes together, forming an elegant and dynamic constellation that melds romanticism with irony, surrealism with fashion, and MADE IN ITALY tradition with an unflinchingly modern eye. Shop online now!
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  1. VIVETTA Printed maxi t-shirt
  2. VIVETTA Dress with 'Hearts' patch on the neck
  3. VIVETTA Embroidered jeans
  4. VIVETTA 'Istrice' flared skirt
  5. VIVETTA 'Procione' printed t-shirt
  7. VIVETTA 'Storno' embroidered shirt
  8. VIVETTA 'Merlo' embroidered shirt
  9. VIVETTA 'Covetta' embroidered velvet coat
  10. VIVETTA 'Crocus' embroidered shirt
  11. VIVETTA 'Spino' embroidered cotton shirt
  12. VIVETTA 'Spino' embroidered cotton shirt
  13. VIVETTA 'Bergamotto' embroidered cotton shirt