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Vivetta, Italian brand born by the creative spirit of the famous designer Vivetta Ponti, narrates poems and illustrates a delicate and fun assertive femininity. The collections concentrate on the love for dolls that the designer has, as well as 50’s decor, poems, tapestry and nostalgic elements that are established as contemporary outlines and bon-ton fantasies.
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  1. VIVETTA 'Nara' coat with applications
  2. VIVETTA 'Bratislava' Blouse
  3. VIVETTA 'Miami' crew-neck flowers and faces printed sweatshirt
  4. VIVETTA 'Looneyville' Blouse
  5. VIVETTA Blouse with 'Baotou' embroidery
  6. VIVETTA 'Rennes' oversize embroidered denim jacket
  7. VIVETTA 'Ribe' rouge cardigan with patch and 'Hands' collar embroidery
  8. VIVETTA 'Caims' zipped bomber jacket with 'Flowers' print and application on the collar
  9. VIVETTA crew neck cardigan with eye patch
  10. VIVETTA 'Chengd' crewneck t-shirt with jersey flounce
  11. VIVETTA Flowers and logo printed 'Arles' sweatshirt with 'Hands' collar embroidery
  12. VIVETTA Flowers and logo printed 'Arles' sweatshirt with 'Hands' collar embroidery
  13. VIVETTA Dress with 'malawi' Embroidery
  14. VIVETTA 'Amsterdam' long sleeves dress with multicolor inserts
  15. VIVETTA denim with 'nuovo messico' embroidery pocket and rouches
  16. VIVETTA 'Fuzhou' Collar
  17. VIVETTA 'Fuzhou' Collar
  18. VIVETTA 'Fuzhou' Collar
  19. VIVETTA hands collar blouse
  20. VIVETTA zipped dress
  21. VIVETTA printedd dress
  22. VIVETTA macramè collar dress
  23. VIVETTA embroidered hearts jeans
  24. VIVETTA coulotte pants
  25. VIVETTA pleated mini skirt
  26. VIVETTA mouth buckle belt
  27. VIVETTA mouth buckle belt
  28. VIVETTA off-shoulders top
  29. VIVETTA 'naiade' dress
  30. VIVETTA 'nihal' top
  31. VIVETTA 'ania boreali' dress
  32. VIVETTA 'neso' t-shirt
  33. VIVETTA t-shirt 'ain'
  34. VIVETTA 'andromeda' sweatshirt
  35. VIVETTA 'andromeda' sweatshirt
  36. VIVETTA 'andromeda' sweatshirt
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