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Loved by top models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, Unravel is the brand famous for ‘destroyed’ clothing and for its strong street attitude. Fringed borders, holes, stitching, the visionary designer Ben Taverniti founded this project was founded in favor of luxury and ‘rebel’ concepts. The must have of the collection are the leather pants.
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  1. UNRAVEL Nylon chopped bomber with zip and padded shoulder
  2. UNRAVEL 'Terry Brush'  distressed cotton crew neck sweatshirt
  3. UNRAVEL distressed jersey basic t-shirt
  4. UNRAVEL distressed jersey basic t-shirt
  5. UNRAVEL UWBA002S170030020188
  6. UNRAVEL 'Hand' printed sweatshirt
  7. UNRAVEL One sleeve hooded printed sweatshirt
  8. UNRAVEL UWAA001S170010010100
  9. UNRAVEL Cotton sleeveless shirt
  10. UNRAVEL UWHA031F1706300822002200
  11. UNRAVEL denim and leather jacket
  12. UNRAVEL UWED005F171610082000450
  13. UNRAVEL nylon bomber jacket with padded shoulder
  14. UNRAVEL pvc bomber jacket
  15. UNRAVEL body with hood and open back
  16. UNRAVEL UWDD018F1712900820002000
  17. UNRAVEL leather lace up seam pats
  18. UNRAVEL "tattoo terry" tracksuit