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Loved by top models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, Unravel is the brand famous for ‘destroyed’ clothing and for its strong street attitude. Fringed borders, holes, stitching, the visionary designer Ben Taverniti founded this project was founded in favor of luxury and ‘rebel’ concepts. The must have of the collection are the leather pants.
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  1. UNRAVEL 'bolero corset' jacket
  2. UNRAVEL 'ghost' bomber jacket
  3. UNRAVEL rigid straps denim jacket
  4. UNRAVEL 'waffle' dress
  5. UNRAVEL 'bolero corset' sweatshirt
  6. UNRAVEL 'tour mesh hybrid' hoodie
  7. UNRAVEL 'tour mesh hybrid' hoodie
  8. UNRAVEL 'terry chopped' hoodie
  9. UNRAVEL destroyed sweatshirt
  10. UNRAVEL 'deconstructed' shirt-body
  11. UNRAVEL destroyed t-shirt
  12. UNRAVEL destroyed t-shirt
  13. UNRAVEL basic t-shirt
  14. UNRAVEL open back t-shirt
  15. UNRAVEL UWBA029S1817400101000100
  16. UNRAVEL lace up skirt
  17. UNRAVEL destroyed shorts
  18. UNRAVEL split skirt
  19. UNRAVEL asymmetrical skirt
  20. UNRAVEL 'motor' jeans
  21. UNRAVEL laces jeans
  22. UNRAVEL 'baggy boy' jeans
  23. UNRAVEL tie dye jeans
  24. UNRAVEL 'reverse' jeans
  25. UNRAVEL 'broken heel' bootie
  26. UNRAVEL nylon belt