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Tory Burch is a lifestyle American brand. Launched in 2004, the collections unite sportswear lines and classic lines with sensibility and style of the namesake designer. From clothing items to accessories and footwear, the creations are known for their prints and colors in versatility and vivacity.
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  1. TORY BURCH 'Petra' long padded jacket with waist belt  and hood with fox fur
  2. TORY BURCH 'Elisa' tweed short jacket with detachable collar
  3. TORY BURCH 'Petra' reversable jacket with multicoloured print  and zip closure
  4. TORY BURCH long 'Rosmary' dress with 'Gabriella floral' print  and lace details
  5. TORY BURCH 'Madeline' wool cardigan with logo buttons
  6. TORY BURCH 'Madeline' wool cardigan with logo buttons
  7. TORY BURCH 'Gabriella floral' printed cardigan in egyptian cotton with buttons closure
  8. TORY BURCH cashmere pullover with logo buttons on back
  9. TORY BURCH cashmere pullover with logo buttons on back
  10. TORY BURCH 'Erica'   silk shirt with print
  11. TORY BURCH 'Erica' silk  shirt with print
  12. TORY BURCH 'Bria' 1/2 sleeves striped t-shirt  with logo print
  13. TORY BURCH 'Daya' T-shirt with 'Gabriella Floral' print
  14. TORY BURCH 'Serena' straight denim with  destroyed hem
  15. TORY BURCH Silk 'Hallie' plissè skirt with 'Elliptical link'  print
  16. TORY BURCH Cotton logo espadrillas
  17. TORY BURCH 39816104
  18. TORY BURCH all over fur "Roxana" gilet with braided leather band
  19. TORY BURCH "merea" pleated skirt with "milano square" print
  20. TORY BURCH "ariana tunic" blouse with neckline decoration
  21. TORY BURCH "iberia"round nech knitwear with logo botton back
  22. TORY BURCH leather "Sidney",  backless loafer, buckle in front
  23. TORY BURCH 36777269
  24. TORY BURCH calf leather  'Block-t' medium tote bag
  25. TORY BURCH Leather 'Fleming' duffel bag with gold chain
  26. TORY BURCH Leather 'Block-T' tote
  27. TORY BURCH 'Block T' calf leather satchel
  28. TORY BURCH 'Marion' patent leather flats with gold logo
  29. TORY BURCH Leather 'Alexa' shoulder bag with gold chain
  30. TORY BURCH Double zipped leather shoulder bag
  31. TORY BURCH Leather 'Alexa mini' shoulder bag
  32. TORY BURCH Leather 'small Fleming' convertible shoulder bag
  33. TORY BURCH Leather 'Fleming' convertible shoulder bag
  34. TORY BURCH ' Minnie travel ballet' flat shoes with logo
  35. TORY BURCH 'Minnie' travel flat shoes  with logo
  36. TORY BURCH 'Hope' calf leather  pumps

    FW 17-18

    TORY BURCH 'Hope' calf leather pumps € 250,00
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