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Theory is created by the New York-based fashion entrepreneur Andrew Rosen who launched Theory in 1997 with the mission of redefining contemporary clothing and brand. With an emphasis on fit and fabric, the label specializes in chic easy-to-wear staples with an urban edge. Discover the collection now!
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  1. THEORY H0216719001
  2. THEORY H0204202G8E
  3. THEORY H0104215MYRTLE
  4. THEORY H0104109MYRTLE
  5. THEORY H0104107001
  6. THEORY H0104517UFD
  7. THEORY H0104515100
  8. THEORY H0104514100
  9. THEORY H0102508TSR
  10. THEORY 'winola' long jacket
  11. THEORY 'terena' no pences high waist pants
  12. THEORY 'hearsdale' crepe trousers
  13. THEORY 'amaning' silk long skirt
  14. THEORY 'amarissa' shrugs
  15. THEORY 'jarthstin' back gap buttoned blouse
  16. THEORY 'Wensleez' trousers
  17. THEORY Wool cardigan
  18. THEORY 'Twylina' cardigan with back opening
  19. THEORY G1109202001
  20. THEORY 'Talismin Wilmore' leather jacket
  21. THEORY 'Wensleez' trousers
  22. THEORY 'Laurelwood' coat
  23. THEORY Jacket with pocket and bottons
  24. THEORY Wool cardigan
  25. THEORY 'Twylina' wool jumper with back opening
  26. THEORY 'Twylina' wool jumper with back opening
  27. THEORY 'Winszlee' velvet trousers
  28. THEORY 'Navalane' trousers
  29. THEORY 'Odete' top