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Theory is an American brand, founded in 1997 by the New York entrepreneur Andrew Rosen. With attention to detail in the shape and materials in the collections of Theory are distinguished by comfortable, elegant and urban-chic clothing.
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  1. THEORY 'shrunken moto' jacket
  2. THEORY 'boy' coat
  3. THEORY 'power jkt 2' jacket
  4. THEORY 'open front' cardigan
  5. THEORY 'open front' cardigan
  6. THEORY 'mirzi n' sweater
  7. THEORY 'karenia' sweater
  8. THEORY 'tamalee' shirt
  9. THEORY 'tamalee' shirt
  10. THEORY 'tamalee' shirt
  11. THEORY 'billow tunic' shirt
  12. THEORY 'ruza' top
  13. THEORY 'billow tunic' shirt
  14. THEORY 'hartman stripe' top
  15. THEORY 'tiny tee' t-shirt
  16. THEORY 'johnna' t-shirt
  17. THEORY 'draped tank' top
  18. THEORY 'crossover' top
  19. THEORY 'modern' top
  20. THEORY 'shawn c' leggings
  21. THEORY 'demitria 2' pants
  22. THEORY 'approach' pants
  23. THEORY 'thaniel' pants
  24. THEORY 'pull on' pants
  25. THEORY 'clean cigarette' pants
  26. THEORY 'rib jogger' sweatpants
  27. THEORY 'vinessi' dress
  28. THEORY 'oaklane' trench coat
  29. THEORY basic pants
  30. THEORY basic pants
  31. THEORY asymmetrical shirt
  32. THEORY 'crossover' top
  33. THEORY 'fluid jkt' jacket
  34. THEORY 'elevated wrap top' top
  35. THEORY 'oaklane' trench coat
  36. THEORY 'terena b' pants
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