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‘Romantic Eccentric Dress’ the initials of RED Valentino, fashion symbol of glamour, eccentric and joyful that has conquered admirers worldwide. The collections of the brand combine everlasting spirit of the brand with a young and feminine style in the accessories and clothing distinguished by unique embellishments, colors and prints that ulteriorly underline femininity.
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  1. REDVALENTINO Crew-neck 'Swallows' embroidered fur
  2. REDVALENTINO Embroidered hooded parka with drawstring
  3. REDVALENTINO Long smoking style coat with side satin bands
  4. REDVALENTINO 'Wallpaper flower' embroidered v-neck maxi cardigan
  5. REDVALENTINO Embroidered tulle long dress
  6. REDVALENTINO Macramè dress with hearts and valance in the collar and in the sleeves
  7. REDVALENTINO Short sleeves suit with lace and bow
  8. REDVALENTINO 'Smoking' jacket
  9. REDVALENTINO Organza skirt with flounces
  10. REDVALENTINO 'Wallpaper flowers' printed wide silk pants
  11. REDVALENTINO 'Wallpaper flower' printed silk pajamas pants with drawstring
  12. REDVALENTINO Fringed denim bellbottom jeans
  13. REDVALENTINO 'Stars' embroidered fringed denim bellbottom jeans
  14. REDVALENTINO 'puzzle' crossbody bag
  15. REDVALENTINO studded sandals

    SS 18

    REDVALENTINO studded sandals € 355,00
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  16. REDVALENTINO 'wonka' crossbody bag
  17. REDVALENTINO 'wonka' crossbody bag
  18. REDVALENTINO rouges dress
  19. REDVALENTINO rouge dress
  20. REDVALENTINO embroidered dress
  21. REDVALENTINO rouge dress
  22. REDVALENTINO contrast edges shorts
  23. REDVALENTINO pleated skirt
  24. REDVALENTINO pleated skirt
  25. REDVALENTINO logo t-shirt
  26. REDVALENTINO lace skirt dress
  27. REDVALENTINO bow shirt
  28. REDVALENTINO dress with bow
  29. REDVALENTINO dress with bow
  30. REDVALENTINO dress with ruffles
  31. REDVALENTINO dress with lace skirt
  32. REDVALENTINO off shoulder cardigan
  33. REDVALENTINO midi skirt with strass
  34. REDVALENTINO studded short
  35. REDVALENTINO denim jacket with strass
  36. REDVALENTINO embroidered parka
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