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REDValentino tells a contemporary tale, one that combines freshness and classic style. Symbolizing a glamorous, eccentric, playful parallel world where anything is possible, REDValentino dresses a modern and cosmopolitan girl. A delicate young woman, who is naturally feminine and confident, who dares to be romantic while playfully investigating her darker side. REDValentino mixes various influences, from a myriad of places and eras, allowing this girl to experiment to her heart’s content. Innovative accessories and unexpected ornaments further enrich REDValentino collections, emphasizing its fresh, feminine individuality. Discover the collection now!
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  1. REDValentino Dress with lace inserts
  2. REDValentino 'Colibrì' embroidered dress
  3. REDValentino 'Colibrì' embroidered long dress
  4. REDValentino 'Landscape' fantasy coat
  5. REDValentino 'Colibrì' embroidered denim sneakers
  6. REDValentino 'Flowers' printed dress
  7. REDValentino Jaquard sleeveless dress
  8. REDValentino Dress with patch on the collar
  9. REDValentino Lace trim t-shirt
  10. REDValentino 'Birds' patch jacket
  11. REDValentino Shirt with lace inserts
  12. REDValentino Printed mini sweatdress
  13. REDValentino Mini backpack with stars with chains
  14. REDValentino Leather clutch with chain
  15. REDValentino MR3MG05Q2SW0BO
  16. REDValentino Star studded crossbody