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N° 21

Presented for the first time in 2010, N°21 is conceived by the creative genius Alessandro Dell’Acqua. The collections known all over the world, release a feminine concept new and extremely portable but always ahead on seasonal trends.
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  1. N°21 834012600002
  2. N°21 828861162200002
  3. N°21 8282G312411
  4. N°21 830212600002
  5. N°21 MDC00311WA00001
  6. N°21 O02103874163
  7. N°21 Pleated laminated skirt
  8. N°21 Trousers with embroidered pocket
  9. N°21 Pleated on the back sweatshirt/dress
  10. N°21 F04141579000
  11. N°21 no one sleeve fringed sweatshirt with pon pon
  12. N°21 Lace pleated skirt
  13. N°21 H02206961101
  14. N°21 Lace dress
  15. N°21 G03106961101
  16. N°21 F04141571101
  17. N°21 Embroidered sweatshirt open on the back
  18. N°21 Short hooded zipped sweatshirt
  19. N°21 A03476480100
  20. N°21 Jersey with plumage and transparent sleeves
  21. N°21 N.21 multicolor button up cardigan
  22. N°21 Long dress with 'Valencienne' lace inserts
  23. N°21 N21S3C8SUN
  24. N°21 'gabardine' straight pants
  25. N°21 Embroidered striped shirt
  26. N°21 Sleeveless shirt with patch
  27. N°21 Oversize 3/4 trousers
  28. N°21 'Bird' embroidered shirt with denim insert
  29. N°21 Striped silk dress
  30. N°21 H38104021101