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Military luxury Parkas: the Mr & Mrs Italy brand is born with the goal to create a line of nonconventional jackets devoted to needs of glamorous women. Lined with prestigious furs, the parka symbol of the brand gets its inspiration from vintage american military clothing.
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  1. MR & MRS ITALY Canvas mini parka,lining fox patch
  2. MR & MRS ITALY Army' long parka,natural lapin lining,hood with Murmasky
  3. MR & MRS ITALY Army long parka,army quilt lining,hood with murmasky
  4. MR & MRS ITALY army long parka ,coyote patch lining,hood with murmasky
  5. MR & MRS ITALY printed  saline slate green mini parka with Murmkasky fox
  6. MR & MRS ITALY Canvas long parka dyed lapin lining ,hood with murmasky,hem in tone
  7. MR & MRS ITALY saline canvas,hood with albino Murmasky fur
  8. MR & MRS ITALY printed and embroidery blue denim midi parka ,hood removable Muramasky
  9. MR & MRS ITALY Printed saline canvas,hood with albino Murmasky fur
  10. MR & MRS ITALY 'Army' parka with fur
  11. MR & MRS ITALY Army' mini parka,lining Coyote patch,hood Muramasky, hem in tone
  12. MR & MRS ITALY Canvas mini parka ,dyed lapin lining,hood with Murmasky ,hem in tone
  13. MR & MRS ITALY canvas mini parka lining fox patch ,hood with Muramasky fur hem in tone
  14. MR & MRS ITALY Saline slate Green mini parka
  15. MR & MRS ITALY printed  saline slate green mini parka  with fox racoon fur
  16. MR & MRS ITALY original fit 'New York' bomber nylon,lining multicolor patch fox fur,hood with muramansky fur
  17. MR & MRS ITALY Cotton and raccon fur embroidered long sweatshirt with topwaffle hoodie in murymasky fur
  18. MR & MRS ITALY ' Old school' jersey t-shirt with intarsia fur pocket
  19. MR & MRS ITALY Fur ankleboots
  20. MR & MRS ITALY Zipped embroidered sleeveless jacket with patch
  21. MR & MRS ITALY Leather bomber jacket with patches and front zip
  22. MR & MRS ITALY Mini Parka with tattoo accents
  23. MR & MRS ITALY PM280SEC494200
  24. MR & MRS ITALY Parka with patch
  25. MR & MRS ITALY Long waistcoat 'Palm Beach' blue summer canvas
  26. MR & MRS ITALY Sleeveless parka with patch
  27. MR & MRS ITALY TS052E1030
  28. MR & MRS ITALY TS052E3230