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In 1971, Franco Moschino began his fashion career with Gianni Versace as a sketcher, when he was asked to draw for a publicity campaign. In 1976, Franco also took on a position as a designer with another Italian fashion house, and in 1983, he left Versace and opened his own company, Moonshadow, on Via Ceradini in Milan, under his own label, Moschino. Dead in 1994, Moschino was a gift to the world of fashion. His label continues without him; Jeremy Scott is the current creative director of the brand. Buy online now!
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  1. MOSCHINO MA21031G13MG060A
  2. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed backpack
  3. MOSCHINO 'this is not a moschino toy' printed bear t-shirt
  4. MOSCHINO 'this is not a moschino toy' printed bear t-shirt
  5. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed zipped clutch
  6. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed and chain ambellished mini backpack
  7. MOSCHINO 'Bomber floral' embroidered backpack
  8. MOSCHINO Shoulder bag 'bear printed' with chain
  9. MOSCHINO 'Lettering' printed sandals
  10. MOSCHINO lettering padded medium backpack
  11. MOSCHINO 'Ape' printed hooded sweatshirt
  12. MOSCHINO 'Moschino accessory' intarsia knitted jumper
  13. MOSCHINO 'Teddy bear' knitted jumper
  14. MOSCHINO Printed t-shirt
  15. MOSCHINO 'Teddy bear' maxi jumper mini dress
  16. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed over tee dress
  17. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed maxi t-shirt
  18. MOSCHINO elephant detail knitted jumper
  19. MOSCHINO 'elephant' printed tie dye t-shirt
  20. MOSCHINO Lace trousers
  21. MOSCHINO crochet long cardigan
  22. MOSCHINO 'Monkey' printed hooded sweater
  23. MOSCHINO 'Tiger' printed long jacket
  24. MOSCHINO Striped jacket
  25. MOSCHINO 'Monkey' printed zipped jacket
  26. MOSCHINO 'Tiger' printed maxi t-shirt
  27. MOSCHINO 03300524A2063
  28. MOSCHINO 0322526A0555
  29. MOSCHINO Shorts with belt
  30. MOSCHINO 'This is not a Moschino toy' bathing suit
  31. MOSCHINO 'Moschino tag' printed regular sweater
  32. MOSCHINO 'Bear' intarsi knitted jumper
  33. MOSCHINO 'Bear' intarsi knitted jumper
  34. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed regular fit t-shirt
  35. MOSCHINO 'Bear' printed regular fit t-shirt
  36. MOSCHINO 'Moschino tag' printed t-shirt
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