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Franco Moschino debuts in 1971 as an illustrator of fabrics for Gianni Versace, to then continue on his own and present his first collection in 1983. With his creative and original style, the Moschino brand occupies first place in the panorama of international fashion. Since 2013 Jeremy Scott is the creative director, guarantor, thanks to his reverence and irony, and continuity in the brands story.
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  1. MOSCHINO tulle details jacket
  2. MOSCHINO 'teddy' bomber jacket
  3. MOSCHINO Bear printed bomber jacket
  4. MOSCHINO 'flower teddy' hoodie
  5. MOSCHINO 'flower teddy' hoodie
  6. MOSCHINO 'teddy' t-shirt
  7. MOSCHINO printed teddy bear t-shirt
  8. MOSCHINO 'it's very expensive being moschino' dress
  9. MOSCHINO denim jumpsuit
  10. MOSCHINO 'teddy' swimsuits
  11. MOSCHINO 'teddy' swimsuits
  12. MOSCHINO logo slides
  13. MOSCHINO logo slides
  14. MOSCHINO logo slides
  15. MOSCHINO 'teddy fiori' backpack
  16. MOSCHINO 'teddy fiori' backpack
  17. MOSCHINO 'teddy' mini backpack
  18. MOSCHINO 'teddy' mini backpack
  19. MOSCHINO 'teddy' mini backpack
  20. MOSCHINO 'teddy playboy' mini backpack
  21. MOSCHINO 'teddy playboy' mini backpack
  22. MOSCHINO 'teddy' clutch
  23. MOSCHINO 'teddy' clutch
  24. MOSCHINO 'teddy' clutch
  25. MOSCHINO 'teddy play boy' clutch
  26. MOSCHINO 'teddy flower' clutch
  27. MOSCHINO 'teddy' clutch
  28. MOSCHINO 'teddy play boy' clutch
  29. MOSCHINO logo crossbody bag
  30. MOSCHINO mini logo backpack
  31. MOSCHINO capsule collection dress
  32. MOSCHINO capsule collection backpack
  33. MOSCHINO capsule collection shoulder bag
  34. MOSCHINO 'pudgy' backpack
  35. MOSCHINO 'pudgy' i-phone 7 case
  36. MOSCHINO 'my little pony' bomber jacket
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