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Tied to the aesthetic innovation and technical invention that have always changed the identity of knitwear, Missoni is one of the best known, loved and recognized fashion and design brands in the world. Missoni style is the result of a partnership between Ottavio and his wife Rosita. They decided to set up a knitwear business in the sixties, and were soon at the cutting edge of Italian fashion. Missoni inaugurated and affirmed an unmistakable way of dressing and living: with a colorful “put-together” of zigzag motifs, stripes, waves and slub yarns in a patchwork of geometric and floral jacquard. Discover the collection now!
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  1. MISSONI Viscose V-neck blouse
  2. MISSONI Viscose V-neck blouse
  3. MISSONI 2071596050
  4. MISSONI 2071566050
  5. MISSONI Long sleeveless dress
  6. MISSONI 2071606050
  7. MISSONI 2071356070
  8. MISSONI 2071346070
  9. MISSONI 2020802090
  10. MISSONI 2071146020
  11. MISSONI 2071116020
  12. MISSONI jacquard all in one
  13. MISSONI jacquard wide leg trousers
  14. MISSONI Striped dress with V-neck
  15. MISSONI Perforated fabric medium skirt
  16. MISSONI Perforated shirt with V-neck