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Undeniable king of knitwear, Missoni today is represents excellence in fashion and Italian design all over the world. Known for the colorful motif, zig zags, stripes, waves and shot fabric to geometric and floral jacquard patchwork, the creations of the brand offer a personal style aimed and desireable
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  1. MISSONI lace jumpsuit
  2. MISSONI lurex playsuits
  3. MISSONI pleated dress
  4. MISSONI 'onda' kaftan
  5. MISSONI 'onda' short kaftan
  6. MISSONI lurex romper
  7. MISSONI 'onda' playsuits
  8. MISSONI zig zag dress
  9. MISSONI zig zag cardigan
  10. MISSONI patchwork cardigan
  11. MISSONI zig zag cardigan
  12. MISSONI zig zag shirt
  13. MISSONI zig zag pants
  14. MISSONI 'onda' pants
  15. MISSONI tricot skirt
  16. MISSONI tricot skirt
  17. MISSONI lurex top
  18. MISSONI perforated top
  19. MISSONI 'onda' bikini
  20. MISSONI tricot bikini
  21. MISSONI lace bikini
  22. MISSONI rouges bikini
  23. MISSONI tricot bikini
  24. MISSONI zig zag headband
  25. MISSONI zig zag headband
  26. MISSONI tricot headband
  27. MISSONI tricot headband
  28. MISSONI Adjustable Belt
  29. MISSONI 2211896040
  30. MISSONI 2211846040
  31. MISSONI 2211676020
  32. MISSONI 'zig zag' bikini
  33. MISSONI lurex dress
  34. MISSONI lurex dress
  35. MISSONI 2125483638
  36. MISSONI lurex socks boots