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In 1951, Achille Maramotti, freshly graduated in law, decided to dedicate himself to haute couture. His desire was to produce high-quality manufactured women's clothing. The very first collection, a camel coat and a geranium red suit, incorporated the ideals of future production: essential and precise, clean cuts and decisive lines. French inspired designs, but reinvented through the lens of traditional Italian style. Max Mara’ success was immediate. Today, Max Mara is a model and reference point for Italian and international prèt-a-porter; the passion and determination of the founder has been enthusiastically seized by the new generation, continuing the innovative traditions started 60 years ago. Shop online now!
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  1. MAX MARA 'Nancy' coat with belt
  2. MAX MARA jungle printed dungarees
  3. MAX MARA long sleveless waistcoat
  4. MAX MARA 'Nolana' coat
  5. MAX MARA leather 'Top 03/Bow bag '
  6. MAX MARA 45110178002
  7. MAX MARA 19410771000002
  8. MAX MARA 'Vampata' printed leggings
  9. MAX MARA 'Palla' cotton waist coat jacket
  10. MAX MARA 'Biacco' dress with rouge
  11. MAX MARA 'Magda' top
  12. MAX MARA 'Kent' wide pants with belt
  13. MAX MARA 'Ali' skirt with 'macrocuore' print all over
  14. MAX MARA 'Nancy' coat with belt
  15. MAX MARA 'Lillo' reversible cachemere coat
  16. MAX MARA 'Fata' hooded coat with belt