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Created in 2001, Marsèll is a shoe brand with a production that is entirely Made in Italy. Its creations are a mix of innovation and tradition, and combine the quality of the materials and the artisanality to a modern classicism. Classic shapes, in fact, gain a new meaning with a rearranged balance of all the components: form, color and texture. Heels get a sculptural shape, and meticulous finishing add polish were you’d least expect it. Shop on line now!
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  1. MARSÈLL 'Sfreccetta' laced up
  2. MARSÈLL 'Livellina' shoes
  3. MARSÈLL 'Listello' shoes
  4. MARSÈLL 'Livellina' ankle boots
  5. MARSÈLL 'Sancrispa' high top
  6. MARSÈLL 'Listone' ankle boots
  7. MARSÈLL 'Listo' laced up ankle boots
  8. MARSÈLL 'Zucca' leather shoes
  9. MARSÈLL 'Listello' leather shoes