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Loewe approaches 170 years as one of the world’s major luxury houses, defined by the modernity of its past, an unwavering confidence in the present, and a firm look forward. Craftsmanship, progress and unequalled expertise with leather, LOEWE’s founding pillars, are reconfigured with a timely awareness evident in desirable and functional products across multiple categories, including ready-to-wear and accessories. Shop online now!
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  1. LOEWE 32230K797931
  2. LOEWE 19930M937170
  3. LOEWE D3169660SM1200
  4. LOEWE 32230K797170
  5. LOEWE Dress with draped top layer
  6. LOEWE 'Cat face' charm
  7. LOEWE Geometric embellishment fine cardigan
  8. LOEWE 'Balls chain' mini skirt
  9. LOEWE Printed silk 'scarf top'
  10. LOEWE Oversized short sleeves coat
  11. LOEWE Tweed mini skirt
  12. LOEWE frrayed knit sweater