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Loewe approaches 170 years as one of the world’s major luxury houses, defined by the modernity of its past, an unwavering confidence in the present, and a firm look forward. Craftsmanship, progress and unequalled expertise with leather, LOEWE’s founding pillars, are reconfigured with a timely awareness evident in desirable and functional products across multiple categories, including ready-to-wear and accessories. Shop online now!
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  1. LOEWE D6179810CR1100
  2. LOEWE D2179050FA2147
  3. LOEWE D2175400FA1100
  4. LOEWE D2172032FA1100
  5. LOEWE T Pouch in smooth leather with a bat design using a leather marquetry tecnique with leather pieces inlayed and a characteristic T-bar profile  ...
  6. LOEWE D3169660SM1200
  7. LOEWE Puzzle bag