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Relaunched in 2010 the brand Equipment aims to transform the classic concept of a button-up shirt being strictly for men into a clothing item for women. The iconic product turns out to be a perfect balance between french elegance and californian style that gives life to an androgynous silhouette established by prestigious fabrics.
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  1. EQUIPMENT 'Cadence' Mini Dress
  2. EQUIPMENT 'brett' dress
  3. EQUIPMENT 'huntley' shirt
  4. EQUIPMENT 'slim signature' shirt
  5. EQUIPMENT 'simon' blouse
  6. EQUIPMENT 'simon' blouse
  7. EQUIPMENT Long Shirt Dress
  8. EQUIPMENT 'therone' kimono
  9. EQUIPMENT 'britten masi dress'
  10. EQUIPMENT 'Slim Signature' Shirt
  11. EQUIPMENT 'Aurore' blouse
  12. EQUIPMENT 'Slim Signature' Shirt
  13. EQUIPMENT 'Slim Signature' Shirt
  14. EQUIPMENT 'Essential with Tie' Shirt