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In 1976, Christian Restoin introduced men's shirts into women's wardrobe. With is brand Equipment he transformed a men's classic into an item of women's clothing. Straightforward yet innovative, Equipment quickly become a recognized name amongst the fashion elite. In Spring 2010, Serge Azria re-launched the illustrious brand as Ceo and creative director. With him the Equipment's collections become a perfect game of balance between cool and understated elegance. Buy online now!
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  1. EQUIPMENT Leopard printed silk shirt
  2. EQUIPMENT 'Major' printed long silk dress
  3. EQUIPMENT 'Lenox' dress with buttons
  4. EQUIPMENT 'Butterflies' printed 'Essential' shirt
  5. EQUIPMENT 'Slim signature' silk shirt
  6. EQUIPMENT 'Natalia' long slevees dress
  7. EQUIPMENT 'Kanley' silk shirt
  8. EQUIPMENT 'Knox' silk animal printed shirt
  9. EQUIPMENT 'Daddy' printed shirt
  10. EQUIPMENT 'Giana' silk shirt
  11. EQUIPMENT 'Kenely' silk shirt
  12. EQUIPMENT Silk shirt
  13. EQUIPMENT 'Signature' 3/4 cropped sleeves silk shirt
  14. EQUIPMENT 'Signature' 3/4 cropped sleeves silk shirt