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The French fashion house Carven was established in 1945 by Madame Carmen de Tommaso, and became famous for its couture creations. Today, Carven’s artistic direction is led by designers Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud, that have reinvented the brand’s signature pieces giving the couture house a contemporary appeal. Precise and sophisticated tailoring, essential silhouettes and innovative details are now the brand distinctive features. Discover the collection now!
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  1. CARVEN 7033TS424430
  2. CARVEN 7033SW012999
  3. CARVEN 7033SW012430
  4. CARVEN Dress with lace inserts
  5. CARVEN V-neck dress
  6. CARVEN 4019H54505
  7. CARVEN Striped and embroidered dress
  8. CARVEN Embroidered dress
  9. CARVEN 7031TS418999
  10. CARVEN 7031TS418364
  11. CARVEN 7031TS418001
  12. CARVEN 'Heart' printed cotton dress
  13. CARVEN Printed skirt