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The unique label of the it-girls Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, already famous in the fashion world of Milan gave life to Attico, High fashion brand that gets inspiration from lingerie gowns and silk tops. The creative duo knew how to reinvent classic loungewear clothing into a cool and fashionable item.
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  1. ATTICO Coat dress with velvet rhombus embroidered pearls
  2. ATTICO long coat with eco-fur patch
  3. ATTICO Robe dress silk satin patchwork
  4. ATTICO short pinstriped velvet dress
  5. ATTICO Velvet robe dress with geometrical rhombus patchwork
  6. ATTICO Satin Long Dress
  7. ATTICO Multicolor sequins dress with belt
  8. ATTICO MGTW17126146
  9. ATTICO All over striped sequins dress
  10. ATTICO Bicolor satin robe dress
  11. ATTICO Pumps in velvet
  12. ATTICO Sabot in velvet with laces