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  1. BOTTEGA VENETA 'Misc' medium woven leather clutch
  2. THOM BROWNE Leather clutch with zipper
  3. THOM BROWNE Leather clutch with logo banner
  4. PRADA Technical fabric shoulder bag with leather details
  5. PRADA goat leather clutch with zip
  6. ZANELLATO 'Postina' large leather bag with strap
  7. VERSACE Nylon 'Signature' printed Backpack with front compartment
  8. VERSACE Leather messenger bag with gold 'Medusa' logo
  9. VALENTINO GARAVANI "canvas" backpack with tattoo details
  10. VALENTINO GARAVANI 'Untilted stud' studded nylon backpack
  11. GIVENCHY Canvas backpack with print
  12. GIVENCHY 3 pockets backpack with logo bands
  13. GIVENCHY 'Obsedia light' nylon backpack with star
  14. GUCCI 'Drawstring' backpack with GG print with patch
  15. JIMMY CHOO Leather backpack with Punk studs
  16. VALENTINO GARAVANI Camouflage and stars printed backpack
  17. VALENTINO GARAVANI 'Messenger'  nylon bag with studs
  18. MAISON MARGIELA Nylon backpack
  19. DOLCE & GABBANA 'Vulcano' backpack with emblem patch
  20. PRADA travel backpack
  21. MAISON MARGIELA 'Live a message' backpack
  22. PRADA Travel bag in calf leather
  23. MAISON MARGIELA Calf packable backpack
  24. GIVENCHY 'Givenchy Paris' print  leather clutch
  25. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Calf leather clutch
  26. PRADA Nylon work bag
  27. GIVENCHY 'Pandora' nylon shoulder bag
  28. PRADA Saffiano leather shopper bag
  29. PRADA Technical fabric backpack with many compartments and leather details
  30. PRADA nylon satchel
  31. SAINT LAURENT leather "sac de jour" medium hand bag with shoulder strap
  32. SAINT LAURENT California city backpack with silver stars
  33. MAISON MARGIELA Zipped leather travel bag
  34. COMME DES GARÇONS Leather classic pouch with zipper
  35. ZANELLATO 'Ildo' bull leather  backpack
  36. ZANELLATO 'Ildo cashmere pura' bull leather metal free backpack
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