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As a family business, Ermenegildo Zegna goes back to the second half of the 19th century. At the end of the 90’s a comprehensive strategy of verticalization, shrewd diversification, brand extensions and licensing was implemented; creating a Global Luxury Brand which now ranges from clothing to accessories. Today, Zegna fabrics are still one of Italy’s most acclaimed exports, identified internationally by a red seal. Buy online now!
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  1. Z ZEGNA VM384ZZ713B08
  2. Z ZEGNA VM309ZZ710B08
  3. Z ZEGNA VM327ZZ701N00xx
  4. Z ZEGNA VM327ZZ701B09
  5. Z ZEGNA VM384ZZ713N00
  6. Z ZEGNA VM309ZZ710N07
  7. Z ZEGNA VM309ZZ710K07
  8. Z ZEGNA VM220ZZ406N00
  9. Z ZEGNA VM220ZZ406A04
  10. Z ZEGNA VM372ZZ630L6L1
  11. Z ZEGNA 922281CGN708
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  13. Z ZEGNA two-piece suit
  14. Z ZEGNA VM451ZZ854B08
  15. Z ZEGNA two piece suit in blue navy
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  17. Z ZEGNA VM418ZZ844725
  18. Z ZEGNA VM340ZZ600N00
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  21. Z ZEGNA 9059XFEDI360
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  23. Z ZEGNA Messanger bag