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During one of what would become many frequent trips to Los Angeles, Moncler art director Francesco Ragazzi began photographing the skateboarders of Venice Beach. An image of an angelic skater suspended mid-air in a halo of sunlight would inspire Palm Angels, a unisex collection launched for Fall 2015. Combining slightly preppy and Seventies influenced blazers, flared trousers, and button-downs with biker jackets and tees adorned with Californian iconography, Palm Angels captures the rugged grace of L.A. skate culture. Discover the collection now!
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  1. PALM ANGELS PMLB003S172240491001
  2. PALM ANGELS PMLB001S170240291093
  3. PALM ANGELS PMLB001S170240151060
  4. PALM ANGELS PMCE009S172310277193
  5. PALM ANGELS PMCB002S170870294393
  6. PALM ANGELS PMCA007S17089033001
  7. PALM ANGELS PMBB001S170870270793
  8. PALM ANGELS PMAA001S170840111088
  9. PALM ANGELS Rubber pool slippers with Weed symbol by Palm Angels
  10. PALM ANGELS Black wash denim jacket with patch
  11. PALM ANGELS PMCE009S172310577111
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  15. PALM ANGELS PMAA001S170840150160
  16. PALM ANGELS PMAA001S170840101088
  17. PALM ANGELS PMBB001S170870550700
  18. PALM ANGELS PMAA001S170840021093