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K-WAY X N° 21

Presented for the first time in 2010, N°21 is conceived by the creative genius Alessandro Dell’Acqua. The collections known all over the world, release a feminine concept new and extremely portable but always ahead on seasonal trends.
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  1. N°21 Hooded zipped coat with logo on the back
  2. N°21 'Logo' inlaid crew-neck jersey
  3. N°21 Crew-neck logo printed t-shirt
  4. N°21 E08163675634
  5. N°21 E05263689000
  6. N°21 A01070198984
  7. N°21 F01163665528
  8. N°21 F02463659000
  9. N°21 E01163678939
  10. N°21 Cotton socks with logo
  11. N°21 Wool beanie with logo