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Born in 1959, Consuelo Castiglioni launched in 1994, her label. Early Marni designs harked back to vintage inspired shapes in pretty, quirky prints but the aesthetic has evolved over the years into the more streamlined, future facing one of today. Few fashion labels have as precisely defined an image as Marni, whose clients are bohemian, eclectic with an artsy Italian ‘chi-chi’ edge. Its eclectic style means that a fan of Marni can easily mix early hippy inspired collections with more recent refined collections to build an individual yet cohesive look. Shop online now!
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  1. MARNI M05MU0009S45004900
  2. MARNI M05KA0044S45004524
  3. MARNI M05KA0044S45004124
  4. MARNI M05HA0068S15935004F
  5. MARNI M05DL0069S47678001S
  6. MARNI M05DL0060STN683961
  7. MARNI Leather sandal by Marni: frontal tassel with back lock
  8. MARNI multistriped cotton pullover
  9. MARNI t-shirt with multicolor floral print
  10. MARNI M05HA0064S15934003F
  11. MARNI M34WF0019S47722990
  12. MARNI M34WF0016SY0343962
  13. MARNI M34WB0001S47722990
  14. MARNI Fantasy printed and zipped backpack
  15. MARNI M34WA0010S47666962
  16. MARNI Leather sandals by Marni: frontal strips and lock on the back
  17. MARNI M05KA0049S23016858M
  18. MARNI M05GC0074S22763979
  19. MARNI M34UI0032SY0356984
  20. MARNI M05HA0074S15950002F
  21. MARNI M05GC0058STJ206969
  22. MARNI M34WA0010S47666988
  23. MARNI M34UI0030SY0356984
  24. MARNI High-top sneaker by Marni: with green/black tear with double lock