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Conceived in 2003, KTZ is a contemporary London-based brand under the creative direction of Marjan Pejoski and management of Sasko Bezovski. The KTZ fashion label creates a dynamic combination of contrasting elements: modernity and the ancestral, the secular and the religious, anarchy and severity, spectacle and depth. This makes a unique brand identity that is recognized widely and is worn by pioneering personalities in other creative industries, in art and music. Discover the collection now!
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  1. KTZ 'Pinball varsity' bomber
  2. KTZ Patches bomber
  3. KTZ 'college' coat
  4. KTZ 'Sox' long printed socks
  5. KTZ 'Diagonal' sweater
  6. KTZ 'Pinball' printed cotton t-shirt
  7. KTZ 'Casino harem' fleece pants
  8. KTZ 'Pinball towelling' printd fleece top
  9. KTZ 'Casino' printed fleece top
  10. KTZ 'Pointy' fleece shorts