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Born in Japan in 1939, Takada - the name behind the Kenzo label - moved to Paris in 1964, beginning his fashion career. After he worked for many department stores and textile firms, in 1970, he finally opened his first boutique. Famous for the colours and eclectic style of his clothes, Kenzo was one of the first labels to bring 'ethnic-chic' to the street. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are the label’s current Creative Directors. And with them the original Kenzo potency's become even more original and surreal!Shop online now!
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  1. KENZO F755OU2091NF77
  2. KENZO F755BL1651NB99
  3. KENZO F665PA7164MD78
  4. KENZO M615SLIT26
  5. KENZO F755PA6001SE11
  6. KENZO F755CH4001LB72
  7. KENZO F755CH4001LB01
  8. KENZO F755CH6002FG64
  9. KENZO F755PA6001TF55
  10. KENZO F755PA7254MD99
  11. KENZO 'Tiger' 1/2 sleeve polo
  12. KENZO Logoed card holder
  13. KENZO Slim-fit shorts in light summer cotton. Slim-cut ,low rise style. Two front slash pockets.
  14. KENZO Formal Shirt with 'Flying K' print. Slim fitting shirt suitable for suit and tie occasions.
  15. KENZO Cotton gabardine bomber jacket. Kenzo Nasa logo embroidered on centre back. Metal KENZO engraved push bottons down centre front. Front pockets ...
  16. KENZO F665SF213F2597
  17. KENZO F665AC300O2139
  18. KENZO F665AC200F25MU
  19. KENZO M558VELVET55
  20. KENZO M615SLIT25
  21. KENZO M615SLIT21
  22. KENZO M558VELVET51
  23. KENZO F665AC302O2199