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Conceived by the creative and entrepreneurial intuition of Alessandro Squarzi Fortela is a Made in Italy brand that aims everything on handmade. From the classic inspiration reworked but contemporary. The brand is based on handmade and production of precious materials creating unique pieces.
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  1. FORTELA sartorial vest
  2. FORTELA sartorial vest
  3. FORTELA patchwork vest
  4. FORTELA 'jungle jacket tropical' parka jackets
  5. FORTELA double pences pants
  6. FORTELA double pences pants
  7. FORTELA 'kilt' jacket
  8. FORTELA 'field' vest
  9. FORTELA double-brest coat
  10. FORTELA 'Jhon' Vintage Jeans
  11. FORTELA Cotton Pants with Pences
  12. FORTELA Cotton Pants with Pences
  13. FORTELA Vest with Check back
  14. FORTELA gabardine cotton trousers
  15. FORTELA gilet with chambray back
  16. FORTELA Pants with pockets
  17. FORTELA gabardine cotton trousers