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Founded in Paris in 2011, the brand Amri represents the 5th essence of French Style, the freshness and newness of the emerging brand. Soft lines and color mixes reinterpret the college mood in casual and chic creations.
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  1. AMI 'Ami' embroidered crew-neck sweatshirt
  2. AMI Crew-neck embroidered cardigan
  3. AMI Embroidered crew-neck sweatshirt
  4. AMI Embroidered crew-neck sweatshirt
  5. AMI Crew-neck embroidered sweatshirt
  6. AMI Crew neck 'Family' embroidered sweatshirt
  7. AMI Shirt with 'A' patch
  8. AMI Crew-neck sweatshirt with 3 colors sleeves
  9. AMI 'Red flock' printed cotton t-shirt
  10. AMI 'Family' embroidered cotton t-shirt
  11. AMI 'Red flock' printed cotton t-shirt
  12. AMI 'Red family' cotton t-shirt
  13. AMI 'Carotte' oversize trousers
  14. AMI 'Taille elastiquee' pants
  15. AMI wool beanie with pom pom and 'family'embroidery
  16. AMI cotton crew neck sweatshirt with logo