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NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD: interview with the designer

Nicholas Kirkwood


We met the London Iconic fashion designer Nicholas Kirkwood. The brand will be a new one in Julian Fashion for this FW 2017/2018!


Julian Fashion: Favourite places to go to at the moment in London.

Nicholas Kirkwood: Anyone visiting London has to try the Japanese restaurant Umu at least once, you may have to take a mortgage out but it is a real treat! Another place that I always urge everyone to visit has to be The Serpentine Gallery, for me this is one of the top design institutions in London. The best part has got to be the Gallery Pavilion by Zaha Hadid and overall, I love that the building is right in the middle of Hyde Park. My favourite place to stay in London is a bit of an obvious one, Chiltern Firehouse. The bar and restaurant are great and you are sure to always see someone you know.



Julian Fashion: Your shoes are exceptional pieces of artwork that seek perfection. If you have to dedicate one of your designs to London, which landmark would you dedicate it to?

Nicholas Kirkwood: One of my designs is named The Hepworth after British sculptor Barbara Hepworth, I was lucky enough to see her work a few years ago so I would have to dedicate The Hepworth sandal to The Tate, where I viewed her work.





Julian Fashion: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring: which other artist would you like to honour with your work?

Nicholas Kirkwood: I have been strongly influenced by the sculptures and installations of artist Jeppe Hein, so my autumn winter 2017 collection I would honour him.



Julian Fashion: Your shoes are like sculptures: who’s your Muse?

Nicholas Kirkwood: I am always inspired by irreverently feminine women and so many women inspire all my collections, but the two women that spring to mind for me at the moment are Kristen McMenamy and Stella Tennant.